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In rhodium-plated 925 silver, STATEMENT pieces evolve over time: if the rhodium-plating technique prolongs the shine of the silver, it gradually fades due to friction.
Tarnishing is a natural characteristic of sterling silver and depends on many elements, including the acidity of the wearer's skin.
We recommend cleaning silver jewellery with a silver polishing cloth such as the one provided with your STATEMENT case.

We recommend you cleaning your jewellery regularly with a polishing cloth such as the one supplied with your STATEMENT case.

We only work with natural diamonds of G-VS quality: they have not been artificially enhanced. Their very fine inclusions, acquired over time, give them a unique luminous imprint.
Diamonds can scratch any other metal or stone that comes into contact with them.
It is recommended to wear diamonds with care to preserve their brilliance for a long time and to avoid contact with chemicals such as perfumes or detergents, which can tarnish gemstones. Clean your diamond with warm water by gently scrubbing it with a soft brush and then wipe it with a soft cloth.

In accordance with the legal provisions in force, the product benefits from a one-year guarantee for any defect of conformity applicable within the framework of normal conditions of use starting from the date of purchase indicated on the certificate of authenticity.

Beyond this period, any repair can be ensured by STATEMENT but will be invoiced to you.

  • The following are excluded from this warranty
    Defects resulting from accidents, handling or misuse (such as shocks, marks from blows, crushing)
  • The consequence of normal wear and tear and aging of the jewel

The warranty can only be applied upon presentation of the certificate of authenticity duly completed, dated and signed by STATEMENT.

Upon receipt of a defective product, an expertise will automatically be made by the brand and may result in an estimate to be paid by the customer if the problem does not fall within the scope of the warranty certificate.

Procedure for requesting after-sales service or repair:
For any after-sales service request on a piece of jewelry, we thank you for sending an email to

Please attach to the request: 
• the invoice number, 
• an explaination of the problem encountered on the jewel, 
• one or more photos showing precisely the defect. 

Your request will be processed as soon as possible.
Any product returned without our acceptance will be returned to you.

Your jewel can be sent to us by the carrier of your choice, at your expense.
STATEMENT declines any responsibility in case of damage, loss or theft during transport.
The jewel can also be dropped off in person at the STATEMENT boutique, 1 rue du 29 juillet Paris 1er.

Upon receipt, the jewel will be diagnosed and an estimate will be sent to you.
In case of refusal of the estimate, the jewel will be returned to you and the expenses of return will be with your load.
In case of acceptance, the return will be offered by the company STATEMENT.
The repair time is 2 to 4 weeks depending on the repair.
The exact time is given at the time of the deposit of the jewel.


The engraving service allows you to personalize your STATEMENT creation by having a name, a phrase or a date engraved (within the limits of technical constraints and available space).

The ultrasonic device generates high frequency waves to dislodge unwanted particles in the jewellery. Dirt, grease and dust are removed.

Polishing removes deep scratches that have appeared on a piece of jewellery. This operation is accompanied by a rhodium plating that reinforces the white and shiny color of the silver and prevents it from darkening, while leaving its propensity to patina. It is recommended that no more than two polishings be performed throughout the life of your creation to avoid damaging its material.

Sizing a ring
The size of your ring can be adjusted upwards or downwards subject to technical feasibility. Please note that this service is not available for creations with a fully paved body (diamond band) or for spinner rings.

Sizing a necklace
The length of the chain of your necklace can be adjusted as much as possible, by shortening or lengthening the chain.

Sizing a bracelet
The length of your bracelet can be adjusted as much as possible, by shortening or lengthening the chain.

Setting a stone
In the event that a stone has fallen out of your creation, it can be tightened. Our team will make a complete diagnosis and offer you an estimate according to the size of the stone to be tightened.

Our team is at your disposal for any other request not listed above at:

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