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Where wax is lost, fine jewellery is born

Discover how traditional jewellery techniques bring out the best in STATEMENT’s signature precious materials. Today, step in the ateliers for lost-wax casting.

Shining on your hand, dripping from your ears, your jewels create the glittering armour that protects and projects who you are. But do you know how these precious pieces are made?

Born as a concept, a STATEMENT piece starts its life as a sketch. Transformed by our design team into technical drawings and later 3D models, it leaps into the physical world through the lost-wax process in the hands of our silversmiths.

And although it is used today in precision work, both in the industry and in fine jewellery, this is no novel method: archeologists have discovered precious artifacts manufactured with this technique on every continent and as early as 3000 years BCE.

In the ateliers, a mold is created and brushed with melted wax to replicate the desired thickness of the piece. The wax shell is then filled with a heat resistant mixture to create a template in which molten silver can then be poured. Once cool, the shell is removed, revealing the metal structure within.

Already precious, the silver piece is ready to continue on its journey through the excellence of craftsmanship and welcome its diamond companions.

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Graphic outlines. Punctuation across the skin. STAIRWAY in black rhodium.

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