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Of metal and magic: enter the world of decopunk

DECOPUNK - A moment of potential that only needed the right hand to make it happen.

You’ve seen the word flash across the STATEMENT universe: decopunk. What is it?

Decopunk is a drop-dead gorgeous jazz singer clutching the microphone with her slick prosthetic arm.

Decopunk is a film noir detective in a slick trenchcoat looking at hovercars zooming past the Chrysler Building.

Decopunk is the sleek, chrome-polished cousin of steampunk, bringing science fiction and the aesthetics of Art Deco together, as electricity and aircrafts offered a vision of human technological advancements.

At Statement, it wasn’t just about the aesthetic appeal of elegant geometries and sublime architecture. Although those played a part, consider this: The Roaring Twenties, beyond the glitz and glamour, were also a time of deep social changes.

Buildings reaching up towards the skies as electricity became the magic that ruled a world that awoke to modernity. Prosperity and innovation marched hand-in-hand. Women’s rights were on the rise.

Everywhere, the glint of metal and technology as a promise of shining tomorrows… while deep inside the scars of conflicts past and yet to come were still vivid. Machines were on the rise, making themselves indispensable… or perhaps looking to overthrow humans – think of the fearful fantasies evoked by Fritz Lang’s Metropolis.

It was a moment of potential that only needed the right hand to make it happen. A little push to turn it into something truly magical. Just like today. Just like our lives, in the here and now.

A promise for the future that Statement has embodied in the geometric lines and the chrome-bright silver of its jewellery: an armour for a soul that soars towards tomorrow.

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