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STATEMENT cultivates its uniqueness in the choice of materials, as well as the expression of a strong and symbolic aesthetic. It's this singularity that our clients like Nathalie, are looking for.

How did you discover Maison STATEMENT? 

As someone who is in tune with the times, I found out about Maison STATEMENT through social networks, and more specifically on Instagram, a great application for finding inspiration that is just like you. I was immediately drawn to Amélie's highly original and assertive creations, as well as to the brand universe of STATEMENT, a very contemporary jewellery house with Art Deco inspirations.

Which STATEMENT piece(s) do you wear?  

I love wearing my My Way rings. The pink gold one for its chic, ultra-feminine side, which I can combine with my Rockaway ring in pink gold, and the diamond and black silver one for its daring side that is both rock and very chic.
And when I need strength, my 5-row Stairway ring is ideal; it's become my secret armor. It reminds me of Wonder Woman, the super-powered American comic-book heroine who has become an icon of pop culture.

What makes you feel different when you wear STATEMENT jewellery? 

In my opinion, this jewelry is the perfect embodiment of assertiveness. 
Assumed identity.
Daring to be the person you choose to be, regardless of how others look at you. 
Breaking away from convention and fully assuming who I've become over the years.

How does your STATEMENT jewellery evolve over time?

My rings evolve with me. I make them my own instantly, and I like the fact that they can develop a patina over the years. This gives them an extra soul; it's also a testimony to their history and to the wearer.

What's your favorite piece and why?

My favorite piece is my My Way ring in rhodium-plated black silver paved with diamonds, which I can wear every day. 
I love the way it is both rock and chic, feminine and unconventional. I dream of being able to combine it one day with the Moonlight ring, which I hope to acquire soon.
The wonderful thing about Amélie's creations is that you can combine them, playing with accumulation, or wear them on their own, depending on your mood. This is jewellery of conviction, a way of asserting oneself or expressing one's feelings.

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