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STATEMENT cultivates its uniqueness in the choice of materials, as well as the expression of a strong and symbolic aesthetic. It is this singularity that our clients, like Beverly, founder of Monogram and mother of 4, seek. A true artist at heart, Beverly lets her intuition guide her and listens to her current inspirations when choosing her jewellery pieces.

How did you know STATEMENT? 

I found out about STATEMENT through friends of mine, who took and posted photos of their pieces on social media. I took the plunge when the Managing Director of my company said to me "I'm going to STATEMENT, I'm going to buy myself a ring, I've got a crush".  

She didn't have time to get there, so it was the shop manager who came to show us the different creations, and we came later to make the purchase.

 Which STATEMENT creations do you wear?  

I'm wearing the My Way ring in black enamel. I love black, black gold, black diamonds, onyx... I also have a pair of Stairway S earrings.

What was the reason for choosing silver? 

I didn't ask myself any questions. It's the aesthetics that come first and foremost, and I choose my pieces on the basis of what I fall in love with. I was going through a period when I wanted to be a bit more rock and I had a crush on the My Way ring.

When you wear those pieces, how do you feel? 

I feel stronger and more conquering, especially with my My Way ring because it's worn on the index finger. The index finger ring has always been my signature. It confers a kind of power, a very warlike quality that acts like a shield.

How do they evolve over time?

 It's been with me all my life and changes as I wear it, but it hasn't darkened at all. I take care of it very simply, with a small brush and soap.

 What is your favourite creation? Why? 

I love the My Way, obviously, and index finger rings in general, but there are lots of pieces I love from STATEMENT, like the signet rings. In fact, I hesitated with another 3-row ring, but for the thumb! I also fell in love with the spinner. Its mechanism, the fact that it turns, all that adds real value to it.

STATEMENT also does tailor-made jewellery, which is something I'm very interested in.

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