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Interview of Miki Kim

She is… Miki Kim, based in Seoul and currently working as a tattooist and illustrator.

The biggest or most important fight you had in your life?

You may or may not know but tattoos are still illegal in Korea. I have already been turned it to the police before. Nowadays, people are more tolerant and open-minded concerning tattoos, and I believe it has a certain artistic value, however it is still wrongly perceived by most. I'm doing my best at drawing inspiring illustrations to get rid of those prejudices. I want them to be looked upon as masterpieces, not just regular tattoos. I guess that's the fight I'm currently facing, does that count?

Are we all a mix of shadows and lights? 

I have a panic disorder. I feel extremely overwhelmed in crowded or stuffy places, and it can quickly become very difficult for me. I think it's probably related to my environment and its effect on my mental health. I am trying to think positively, meditate, run every day, or read books to heal my mind. It allows me to clear my mind and be inspired.

The moment you reveal your strength most vividly?

I try to think positively, and I love to laugh. I think I'm trying to enjoy everything and anything, the little things, and It truly feels like I can overcome any obstacles with this mindset. 

Everyone has a conviction, a statement guiding our path, what is yours?

I try to tell myself this specific sentence when in a delicate situation or when I have a stressful period of work:
"It'll be all right. Everything's going to be fine. Everything will be fine." Then it really does get better.
And I always try to visualize as best as I can. Then at some point, I am ready to give my all, to put in the work in order to manifest that dream into a reality.

Mind Upload is the beginning of our heroine’s story. If you could augment yourself, what personal abilities would you expand?

I have never watched a hero story, but if I was able to have any superpower, I think it would be nice to have the ability to heal people’s body and souls (mine too!). With such a recomforting power, the world would be less confused and more of a safe place.

Encountering a magic wand, how do you redesign your future and ours?  Would you even use it?

My safe space, where my mind wanders for serenity seems to be similar to the imagination of Alyh. There are fields, mountains, trees, many flowers, and small rivers.  I would add temples as well and you would hear the sound of the bell and Moktak in the background (wooden percussion instrument used for chanting by Buddhist monks). It makes me feel safe and the atmosphere of the temple makes me calm.

Never give up: What would you say to your best friend or child?

I would probably tell them to “Have your own color”. If you don't believe enough in yourself to wear the color only you can represent, anything you do will be difficult. You have to work in an environment where you feel your best and stay true to yourself, gain experience in order to know what you like and what you are good at. Having pride in wearing your own “color” is a win and will help you to reach your goals. 

The best?

"I want to work around the world." That's what I once thought. I achieved that goal for 4 years and had a great experience. Regarding the situation, I am currently only working in Seoul, but I am still working actively in order to open my own exhibition very soon.

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