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She is… “me”.
Anania Orgeas is a young woman on a quest for love and justice. Her profession (model) doesn’t define who she is, but her track record sketches a portrait.
Just guess” is the invitation she gives us.


The biggest or most important fight you’ve had in your life?

I believe in the fact that life itself is an obstacle course with challenges to be met, from the moment we are born. Hardship we overcome are incomparable because they’re experienced subjectively. But what’s demanded the most work and tenacity is living with anxiety. For about two years, I was constantly having anxiety attacks, they had taken over my life. I call this an illness of the brain. No one can understand because it’s invisible. I didn’t have a life anymore – depression, isolation, anxiety, nausea, claustrophobia, hypervigilance, etc.  To be honest, they haven’t disappeared, but I now welcome and accept them. They’re a part of me and from the moment I took back control of my body and my life, I felt I was growing and recaptured a thirst for life, especially the small everyday things, and the joy of being alive.


Are we all a mix of shadows and lights?

My light side would be the kindness and care that I show to those I love. My darker facet comes from the environment, the darkness and strife that dominate our planet.


The moment you reveal your strength most vividly?

This makes me smile because strength is often used and has so many meanings. To me, it’s vulnerability, the ability to communicate and show emotions, and therefore opening the door for others to understand us and have access to our “weaknesses”. Strength is not the image someone else has of us, it’s how we see ourselves and how we interact with others. Put plainly, strength is often seen as a physical trait, but it’s also mental.


Everyone has convictions or a statement guiding our path, what is yours?

My belief, the one that sustains me and brought me to where I am now, is the happiness I find in the simple things of life. You just have to listen to yourself and watch what’s around you, be conscious of our selves, to realize how wonderful life is. To understand that doors must be left open and not to be afraid to ask “why not?”.


Mind Upload is the beginning of our heroine’s story. If you could augment yourself, what personal abilities would you expand?

If I had the possibility to do mind upload like ALYH, I would love to develop my cerebral capacity and to be able to feel things without words or body language. I would like to decode the thoughts of those around me, sooth the suffering they experience with the past and the stress of the future, and erase the regrets that torture them.


Encountering a magic wand, how do you redesign your future and ours? Would you even use it?

If I had a magic wand, I’d be the most powerful person there is. I don’t know if I’d want to use it because others would want to take that power. Humans are selfish and self-serving, so I don’t dare think what would happen. But if I could redefine our future, I’d want more justice, more equality, more equity and more transparency. To vanish this concept of money and make humans more wise.


Never give up: What would you say to your best friend or child?

Good question. I don’t like to tell others what to do or think, but in my experience, I would advise never to give up the love that’s close at hand. Love is inexplicable, indescribable and brings so many incredible things in our lives.


The best?

What I’m proudest of is seeing myself grow and have the ability to step back, forgive and embrace what has hurt me in the past.

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