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Marie, screenwriter, actress, author and coach


STATEMENT cultivates its uniqueness in the choice of materials, as well as the expression of a strong and symbolic aesthetic. It is this singularity that our clients, like Marie, are looking for. Screenwriter, actress, author and coach, she is passionate about her profession. Having become a mother in the past few months, she sees STATEMENT jewellery pieces as an extension of herself, a way of assuming her personality.

How did you know the brand?

I discovered STATEMENT through a friend, who wore several creations. I then headed to the showroom to discover the collections. That was in 2018, at the very beginning of the brand launch.

What creations of STATEMENT jewellery do you wear?

My everyday rings are the Pinky RockAway ring in paved silver with diamonds and My Way in full silver. My companion gave me the first one, which I have been wearing since the day our child was born. Then I offered myself the My Way, which never leaves my index finger. I wanted symbolically to give myself this gift, as a jewel representing the switch from the state of woman to that of mother.

What was the reason for choosing silver?

There was a coherence between my personality and the strength of the brand. I found myself in the «raw» side that the design of the creations and their silver material reflect. 



When you wear these pieces how do you feel?

With STATEMENT pieces, I feel very different. It makes me feel more assertive. It's rare to find any other jewellery brand that provides such a strong sense of character to the wearer.

I used to wear small jewellery pieces that I alternated according to my mood. I was constantly looking for what would fit me. When I first saw the STATEMENT jewellery, I thought, “So this is what possessing and stating yourself means!”

On the other hand, I have always found the diamond to be something very serious, very traditional, related to marriage and transmission. When I discovered STATEMENT, I immediately wanted to wear them. I think that this stone gives off a different feeling with each of these creations. It's quite joyous to wear and easy to wear every day.

Despite that, it took me a while to dare. I needed to find a reason to justify wearing a STATEMENT creation. I knew then she would be a part of me. Being a mother made me take the plunge.

What is your favorite creation? Why?

It is the My Way ring in silver. It’s very symbolic for me, reminding me of a very significant moment in my life. In addition, it is sufficient by itself, I can wear it alone or pair it with other pieces, according to my mood, regardless of the context.

I am also very attached to my Pinky RockAway. As I adopted the brand, in my head I associated "the index ring and the pinky one" with the signature of STATEMENT. This is the reason why I wanted to start with these pieces, before daring to define my own combination.

These jewels are now completely part of me, of my identity. Now that I have found the jewellery that fits me, I have changed my outlook. I think that when you choose jewelry, it becomes the jewels of a lifetime and that fit into time.”

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