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Combining the inalterable with the patina of time, STATEMENT blends diamond’s hardness and the malleability of sterling silver. Each piece of jewellery is handcrafted by artisans and their unique know-how (find out more). Plated with rhodium, one of the most expensive precious materials in the world, it enhances the shine of the silver, preventing it from darkening, while allowing it to develop a patina. Here are some recommendations to help you preserve the brilliance of your STATEMENT jewellery paved with natural diamonds.

Sterling Silver Jewellery Care

In rhodium-plated sterling silver, STATEMENT pieces evolve over time. Even though the rhodium plating technique prolongs and preserves the shine of this precious metal, it starts to fade little by little once in contact with the skin. This is depending on its PH.

Hence, we recommend cleaning silver jewellery with a polishing cloth like the one you were provided when you purchased it on a regular basis.

Gold Care

We recommend you cleaning your jewellery regularly with a polishing cloth such as the one supplied with your STATEMENT case.

How to clean your stones

We only work with natural diamonds (G-VS quality). Since they are not artificially enhanced, they have acquired tiny inclusions that have created a unique luminous effect over time.

Stones of this type should be handled with the greatest care and should not be in contact with chemical products such as perfumes or detergents.

Our recommendation for cleaning your diamonds is to use warm water, rubbing them gently with a fine brush, and then wiping them clean with a soft cloth.

For any further questions, please contact our Client service by following here.

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