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STATEMENT cultivates its uniqueness in the choice of materials, as well as the expression of a strong and symbolic aesthetic. It is this singularity that our clients, like Delphine, Creative Director of fragrances for Guerlain, seek.

A fashion school graduate, Delphine discovered perfumery through her final year project: designing a collection, which she wanted to be highly sensorial, around cashmere and linen. It was a project in which she brought her personal touch to the fore, awakening the jury's senses by expressing the scent of these two materials in olfactory terms. It was a decisive experience that turned her towards perfumery. 

Independent and creative, the woman for whom audacity does pay, advocates a refined elegance balanced by more modern and rock notes, in her work as in her appearance. She subtly integrates these in her STATEMENT pieces, like an ode to her individuality and the freedom to show herself as she is.


Delphine invites us on a journey to the heart of GUERLAIN's olfactory universe, with its woody, amber, musky and gourmand scents, as well as floral and spicy ones, to discover the bond she has with her STATEMENT jewellery.


How did you know STATEMENT? 

I walked by the boutique, intrigued, but I didn't go in. I'll always remember it, I loved the universe, I thought it was brilliant.

Around the same time, I read something about Amélie that struck me: the fact that STATEMENT jewellery was to be worn like a suit of armour rather than an ornament. That and the discourse around silver, linked to femininity and the moon. That really moved me.


 Which STATEMENT creations do you wear?  


I'm wearing 3 pieces, my MY WAY in diamond-paved silver, the little STAIRWAY creole and the ROCKAWAY cross necklace. It's my most recent piece, but I'm already planning to complete my collection with the ANYWAY bracelet in silver and white diamonds, a large earring and why not a piece in yellow gold?


What was the reason for choosing silver?

I like the sparkle of diamonds on silver, so it didn't hold me back at all. I love the light that paved silver gives off.

I was also very attracted to the fact that silver is a very feminine metal, linked to the moon, which I didn't know. For me, that's a very special characteristic, something that's unique to STATEMENT, and which makes the House so recognisable.

When you wear those pieces, how do you feel? 

The STATEMENT pieces have a very rock feel, which I also have in me. We, women, are always trying to be wise, calm and kind, to be good mums, to do the right thing all the time... That's what we've been taught. But we also have a wild side! And STATEMENT allows me to reveal that side of my personality. It's great to be able to do that through my jewellery, to take on that rock side with elegance.

What I find particularly moving as a woman is when you talk about armour rather than adornment. It's much more in tune with today's women. For me, the idea of adorning yourself with jewellery no longer has the same resonance. It's really jewellery for oneself, to express one's individuality. I like the idea of having pieces that bring you good luck, and that break away from the mechanism of a gift from a man to a woman. I find that extremely liberating.


How do they evolve over time?

I don't do much with them, but they haven't changed or faded. My MY WAY ring, in particular, is as luminous as ever. I don't like taking my jewellery off, it's with me every day.


 What is your favourite creation? Why? 

I fell in love with the MY WAY, it's beautiful. I wear it every day and I feel like it was made for me. I've never felt the same attachment to any other piece of jewellery. Perhaps that's partly because I bought it after my grandmother died, and I was very close to her. It reminds me of the special bond I had with her.

What I find really powerful is that you can feel the art deco aspect, and at the same time it's so modern! It's reassuring because, like all symbols of the past, it's not totally unfamiliar. There's something familiar about it, while at the same time being something completely innovative. It's the same with perfumes, you can't create UFOs that have no connection to anything. It's great to innovate, but you need elements to hold on to. That's what's going to spark emotion and create a link with a memor

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