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The My Way ring, icon of STATEMENT Paris

Became the icon of STATEMENT, the My Way collection combines the Art Deco opulence and chrome-clad futurism. The lines of its rings have been worked in symmetry, by playing with the proportions of the octagon, a symbol of the jewellery brand. Vectors of self-confidence, the My Way creations are worn like a suit of armor, a sign of assertiveness while sophisticated.

Originally made in rhodium plated sterling silver paved with diamonds, My Way jewellery creations are now available in classic and more condensed formats (Mini My Way rings), in 18K pink gold, paved with white or black diamonds, coloured or uncoloured stones, as well as in enamel.


Passionate about jewellery since her childhood, in 2018, Amélie Huynh sets herself the challenge of creating a brand inspired by her artistic influences, such as the Art Deco and the Brutalism. Through STATEMENT, she offers singular and architectural creations, symbolizing the expression of the inner strength.

STATEMENT is one of the first jewellery brands to set natural diamonds in silver. By making this choice, it establishes itself as a trailblazer. The diamonds of G-VS quality, have been selected within the respect of an ethical sourcing, purchase from a diamonds dealer who signed the Kimberley Process, an international certification protocol that guarantees the origin of the stones.

Over the past several years the industry has increased its supply chain transparency, making it easier for wholesalers and retailers to identify a stone’s source. Furthermore, diamond producers are highly regulated by independent companies to ensure that mines operate safely and protect the environment, and that the surrounding local communities benefit from their natural resources.

Today, the sustainable natural diamond industry employs 10 million people worldwide and 80% of the value created by sustainable natural diamond recovery is retained by the communities in which the stones were mined. The industry also protects and rehabilitates the environment: It ensures that once a mine is closed, the land is restored and rejuvenated, and has a positive impact on the community for generations to come.

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