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Discover our made-to-order MOONLIGHT and MYWAY options

Follow your own path. May your true self be a light in the night. Your path is unique: so are our made-to-order pieces.

Singularity is an integral part of STATEMENT: each piece is uniquely handmade and characterized by the minute variations of the artisanal. And because each person is unique, so too are the natural diamonds that can be set in our rings.

Facing each other, the two half-moon diamonds of the MOONLIGHT ring echo the duality of feminine nature, the balance that exists in our true selves. Select their size, cut and color to fit your own vision.

At the heart of the MYWAY_06 ring sparkles an Asscher-cut diamond. Its numerous rectangular facets echo the octogonal lines of its host. Choose the one that matches the facets of your personal story.

Imagined by STATEMENT, but made only for you.

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