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She is f....g  awesome! And she can be proud of herself. Nina Kraviz composes sounds that transcend us and have a highly communicative energy. One of the best-known DJs in the world, she also became an electronic music producer in 2014, with the launch of her own label "Трип", which means "psychedelic journey" in Russian. The same year, the British magazine Fact named her "Ghetto Kraviz" track among the top 100 best songs of the decade.


Nowadays, among other things, she highlights upcoming young producers in her livestreams. “Hot Steel”, the first volume of her live shows, compiles sounds from artists of 12 different nationalities. For those who have not had the opportunity to hear her performance the Rework Festival at the top of Mount Olympus this year, she unveils Round 2 of “Hot Steel” and brings together 21 artists from all over the world for a surprising compilation that oscillates between techno, psytrance and gabber.


The biggest or most important fight you had in your life? 
That's probably the never-ending battle with laziness. 


Aren’t we all a mix of shadows and lights?  What are yours? 
Believe it or not, I’m still figuring this out.


The moment you reveal your strength the more vividly? 
 There is a special kind of strength in knowing your weakest spots very well.  


Everyone has a conviction, a statement guiding our path, what is yours? 
It’s good today and it will be even better tomorrow.


Mind Upload is the beginning of our heroine’s story. If you could augment yourself, what personal abilities would you expand?
I really appreciate my human nature and would love to stay 100 per cent human as long as I can :) I’d like to improve my memory, in a natural way, as much as possible. Learning a couple of new languages (maybe more) and keep nourishing my creative skills would also be great.


Encountering a magic wand, how do you redesign your future and ours, do you even use it? 
I would love to understand what animals are thinking and what they talk about with each other.


Never give up…
The joy of having a good time with people you love and care for - it is absolutely precious.


The best is…
Yet to come!

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