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STATEMENT cultivates its uniqueness in the choice of materials, as well as the expression of a strong and symbolic aesthetic. It is this singularity that our clients, like Jennifer, are looking for. She is a Franco-British entrepreneur, sculptor and mother. As an artist, she has developed a particular sensitivity to STATEMENT creations and sees her jewellery as precious sculptures, the expression of feminine strength.

How did you know the brand?

I happened to know STATEMENT on Instagram. I literally flashed on the iconic “My Way” diamond and silver ring. I’ve never been attracted to girly jewellery. My style is a real mix of masculine and feminine.

What creations of STATEMENT jewellery do you wear?

I also wear the “RockAway” 1-row picots ring, the “Stairway” 5-row silver ring, the “Anyway” double-drop diamond and silver earrings and the “Anyway” stud triangle diamond and silver earring.


What was the reason for choosing silver?

Naturally I was seduced by the spirit of the STATEMENT brand. I liked the idea of protection associated with silver jewelry, which is a form of armor, and which represents feminine strength. The luxury alliance with diamond purity works so well...

I like the patina that rings take over time. Like me I hope, they get better with age! "(Laughs)"

What is your favorite creation? Why?

I like to wear all my rings together. They bring a rock look and a real personality to my outfits, dressing jeans and a t-shirt wonderfully.

My favorite piece is the My Way ring, my first love! As a sculptor, I am moved by this piece, a beautiful, small sculpture. I think I will never get tired of it.

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