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STATEMENT cultivates its uniqueness in the choice of materials, as well as the expression of a strong and symbolic aesthetic. It is this singularity that our clients, like Isabelle, are looking for. Lawyer specialized in Criminal Law for 27 years, she remains committed to her vocation as if it were her first day. Mother of three boys, Isabelle masterfully manages her daily life. One of the things she enjoys most about life is the chance to afford jewellery by yourself, especially when you have just been through an important event, and you feel you deserve it more than enough.

How did you know the brand?

STATEMENT caught my attention at the beginning of 2019. At the time, I was looking for a ring that I promised myself I would get once my divorce was signed. I had first discovered the My Way full silver ring and it was thanks to this piece that I went to the Showroom. I was convinced that it was made for me... it was given to me by my great friend to celebrate our 30 years of friendship. At that time, I discovered the paved version in diamonds... I’m crazy about these stones! So, it was inevitable that I fell in love with this jewel. That’s how my story with STATEMENT started.

What creations of STATEMENT jewellery do you wear?

Since I bought myself the My Way Diamonds & Silver ring, I haven’t stopped there! I then chose different pieces and I already know what the next one will be. As of now, I own several rings, including a My Way ring, a bracelet, a Stairway necklace, earrings, etc. My next order will be the Rockaway XXL Pyramid Diamond & Silver ring. Again, it will mark a very personal highlight of my life.


What is your favorite creation? Why?

I’d say I have two favorite pieces: the My Way Diamonds & Silver ring, my first love at STATEMENT and my Stairway necklace, which is a soothing gem. Sometimes I play with it, it has a relaxing almost regressive effect on me.

What was the reason for choosing silver?

I like the idea of doing things differently from others and offering myself or being offered precious items that I don’t see everywhere. At STATEMENT, I actually found this. In addition, STATEMENT embodies the jewels of a strong personality, assuming itself fully but in a sophisticated and not exacerbated way. 

How do you feel when you wear these jewels?

These jewels are like a form of protection. In the evening, when I return to my home, I remove them as I remove my pair of pumps. I am reminded of the image of "laying down arms". As mentioned, each jewel has a meaning and a symbolic important for me. Each one came to mark a highlight of my friendly, family or loving life: they celebrated moments of joy, or great sadness; others are more jewellery of appeasement.

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