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Laura Isaaz


She is… A Parisian born in the Basque country. She became a mother at a young age, at 23 – the age at which I went back to study. She started as an intern at ELLE magazine and stayed there 6 years as a fashion and beauty journalist. Last year, she decided to leave the magazine and strike out as a freelancer. To trace her own path, to have more freedom, from an editorial but also human standpoint. Today, she is a copywriter for various brands, still a journalist when the mood strikes but best of all, she is working on stimulating art projects. She has also launched Maag, a blog on which she speaks of her emotions, her tastes, what makes her angry with a dash of humour and the occasional expletive. 

The most significant fight you've had in your life? I believe it was when I went back to school, when my daughter was 10 months old. I realized that it was important for me, but also for her, that I be independent and make something fascinating of my life. It was easy because while my classmates went out for drinks, I was rushing to day-care to get Romy and I couldn’t do my coursework until after 10pm. I often thought I’d give up, but I hung on and I’m very proud of this today. 

Aren’t we all a mix of shadows and light? What are yours? A difficult question. My light side is the fact that I am someone who can love deeply. I carefully choose those who surround me. There aren’t many but they are precious and I am a solar person when they are around. I love to love and I have infinite faith in life. My dark part stays buried as much as possible but like everyone else, I have lived through some hard times that have made me who I am today. Hardships can be constructive and I strive to turn shadows into light.

The moment you reveal your strength the more vividly Definitely every day. Like many single mothers who get up every day with a desire to do well professionally but also give their children the best possible education. 

Everyone has a statement guiding their path, deep-seated beliefs guiding your life. What are yours? You just have to believe hard enough. 

Mind Upload is the beginning of our heroine’s story. If you could augment yourself, what abilities would you expand? Suss out people and master my fears.

Encountering a magic wand, would you use it? If yes, how would you reshape the future, both yours personally and ours? No. What I find beautiful in life is to have a path and making choices that are true to who you are in order to avoid going down the wrong path. Being able to control my future would create a lot of anxiety. 

Never give up: What would you say to your best friend or child? Your freedom.

The proudest moment of your career? The creation of Maag in September 2019. 

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