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Hidden symbols, open statements

Choosing symbols is always about subtle declarations or bold hints as a statement of intent.
At the creation of STATEMENT, picking the inverted triangle as the hallmark that signs our jewellery was a clear-cut choice. This mathematical and alchemical symbol represents water, the woman and lunar principles. Likewise, the Minerva hallmark that signifies sterling silver, our signature metal, is also a nod to our identity. This divine woman followed her heart to defend just causes — as we all do. 
Rallying signs of a community of heroines, sometimes imperfect but always real, our pieces are also full of these motifs that inform our aesthetics. Assert your femininity with the subtle triangular section of ANYWAY, a reminder of the sacred feminine principle. Materialize your wishes upon a star with ROCKAWAY’s graphic slick of diamonds. Pave your own way forward with the STAIRWAY’s architectural lines.

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