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Diamonds and spirituality


Diamonds and spirituality: a perpetual connection.

Recognized for their considerable energetic power, diamonds owe their name to the Greek words “adamas” which means “unbreakable, indomitable” and “diaphanous” which means “transparent.”

They originate from crystallized carbon that formed under the Earth under unique and extreme conditions of pressure and temperature; most of them being born billions of years ago, they can still be found in the Earth's mantle.

They embody love, purity, and faithfulness in many cultures, but they also have a deeper spiritual meaning, due to their composition of pure carbon: the foundation of all life. Faceted diamonds sparkle and reflect the full gamut of colorful light rays, the colors of the chakras, when passed through by natural light. Hafez, a famous Persian poet, beautifully stated that “the rainbows are contained there forever.

In order to fully conserve its high energies and virtues coming straight from the mantle of the Earth, STATEMENT has chosen to work only with natural diamonds. More than a just a piece of jewellery, each STATEMENT piece becomes an extension of yourself, your perfect ally throughout your life and of the one to whom you will pass it on.

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