Medaï x Statement. Pour célébrer les Mamans, une médaille personnalisée offerte pour tout achat.

Recommandations care


Made with rhodium plated silver, STATEMENT pieces evolve over time: the plating makes the brightness of silver long-lasting, but it eventually dims due to skin contact. 

A natural feature of raw silver, the tarnishing depends on many factors, such as skin acidity.

We advise that you frequently clean up your silver pieces with a silver polishing cloth such as the one provided with your STATEMENT box.



We only work with natural diamonds, unaltered by enhancing treatments. Their fine inclusions acquired over time gives them their own luminous fingerprint.

Diamonds may scratch other metal or gemstone just by contact.

To preserve the brightness of your diamonds we recommend great care when wearing them, and to avoid contact with any chemical products such as fragrance or detergents which can have tarnishing effects.

Clean your diamonds delicately with a very soft small brush in a lukewarm soapy water and wipe with a soft cloth.