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Isamaya Ffrench's interview

Strength of work and of her person: that’s why we simply adore Isamaya Ffrench, a makeup artist, and creative director. Her work is greatly influenced by her background in theatre and performance. What she loves is developing characters and working with music artists to help define themselves visually.

The most significant fight you've had in your life?

Probably one I had with myself when climbing up to the Everest base camp. I had come all this way but was suffering really badly from altitude sickness. There was a decision to make: back down or carry on. When I got back I was quite sick and this really taught me that sometimes it's more important to listen to your body than your ego, something I find hard to do.

Are we all a mix of shadows and light?

I love this question. One thing I've realised is that once you get comfortable with both your shadow self and your light self, they can become interchangeable and you can call upon both when needed. For example, I have a tendency to be very impatient but the advantages of that are that I am able to work across many projects very fast. I can also be very blunt and direct which may come across as insensitive to some, but on the flip side, it means I'm always honest and can be trusted in my opinion. I value that side of myself.

The moment you reveal your strength most vividly?

Recognising that you're the only one responsible for yourself, supporting others, not being judgemental, and owning up to your fears and weaknesses. Being vulnerable and being aware of it is a strength!

Everyone has a statement guiding their path. What's yours?

Introspection and self-reflection. I think conversations are as important as going to art galleries and watching films to understand other ways of thinking and expanding your views.

Mind Upload is the beginning of our heroine’s story which will be revealed in September. If you could augment yourself, what abilities would you expand?

Gymnastics! Stretching your body can be harder than stretching your mind... sometimes…

Enchantress, witches, or simply magical thinking: if you could reshape the future with the wave of a wand, what would you do?

I wouldn't want to interfere with the Universe's narrative. The smallest nuance can have a butterfly effect and I believe everything works in a strange cosmic interplay. The planet will take care of itself even if it means kicking us off! I guess in the short term however, the wand would probably grant me any shoe that I desire! And space in my house for them.

Never give up: What would you say to your best friend or child?

You can't always get what you want and get away with it! My work often comes across as aggressive but I actually hate conflict. I think there is a way to manage everyone's expectations and work in collaboration where everyone is satisfied. That goes for relationships and work!

The best achievement in your career?

Being recognised for more than just makeup artistry. It's nice to feel trusted and work with people you truly believe in.


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